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How to attribute past sales?

How to attribute past sales?

If a staff member forgets to attribute a sale, or if there's a need to make a change, Managers and Admins have the ability to reattribute past sales. Here’s how you can do it:

Method 1: Shopify POS Pro users

POS Pro users can use the native POS attribution feature to reattribute a sale:

➡️ Go to the Orders tab and select the order you would like to reattribute.

➡️ Click Sales attribution.

➡️ Select an item inside the order, or select multiple items.

➡️ Select the staff member you want to attribute the item to.

➡️ Hit Save.

By default, Shopify attributes all items in an order to one staff member. Repeat the steps above when you need to attribute specific items in an order to a specific staff member. For more details, see Edit staff attribution on completed orders.

Method 2: Shopify POS Lite and other plans

Users with other POS plans, can use EasyTeam's attribution tile. Make sure you are logged in to Shopify POS with your PIN code and follow these steps:

➡️ Go to the Orders tab on your Shopify POS.

➡️ Click on the order you want to attribute.

Make sure the order is fulfilled and paid before changing its attribution.

➡️ Сlick on the Attribute sale to staff by EasyTeam tile.

➡️ Select the staff member to attribute the sale to.

Only users with 'Admin' or 'Manager' permissions can edit attributions.

🎁 Need to make bulk changes to attributed orders? Our customer support team is ready to help you easily make changes to large sets of orders. Contact our team using the chat bubble widget inside the app.

Updated on: 24/03/2024

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