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How to attribute a sale to a staff member?

Sales Attribution

EasyTeam supports automatic attribution for POS orders. To change the attribution of a specific order in EasyTeam, follow these steps:

Method 1 - Shopify Attribution with EasyTeam

EasyTeam will automatically attribute every sale to the currently logged in POS user at the time of checkout.

To get started, make sure EasyTeam is active on your Shopify store and all POS sales will be automatically attributed. No additional input is needed.

Changing the attribution of a sale

💡 To attribute a sale to another staff member, use the 'Attribute Sale to Staff' button during the checkout process.

➡️ On the checkout screen, click the More Options button.

➡️ Click the Attribute Sale to Staff button.

➡️ Choose the correct staff member.

By default, Shopify uses single attribution, which means the entire sale is attributed to a single staff member. For orders with items attributed to multiple staff, you can attribute each item individually.

Read more about the built-in POS sales attribution.

Requirements: An active Shopify POS Pro plan on all locations where you'd like to have automatic attribution, plus an active EasyTeam subscription.

Method 2 - Manual Attribution with EasyTeam

If you're using a Shopify POS plan that doesn't include the Shopify sales attribution feature, like Shopify POS Lite, we got you covered.
Utilize EasyTeam's sales attribution POS tile to still get access to attribution:

➡️ Click the Checkout button during a sale.

➡️ Select the payment option and complete the payment process.

➡️ Сlick on the Attribute sale to staff tile by EasyTeam.

➡️ Select the staff you want to attribute the sale to.

Note: This screen will only display staff members that are assigned to the same location as the POS device being used for checkout.

Requirements: An active EasyTeam subscription.

Making sure attribution works

To see your sales being attributed correctly, check out the EasyTeam Commissions report:

➡️ Go to the Sales & Commissions screen:

➡️ Use the filters button and date picker to find sales that were attributed to employees.

Note: Sales and attribution data might be delayed by 1-2 hours.

➡️ Check the Commission column and find the total commission value for each staff member.

➡️ Click a staff member to access a breakdown of all commissions and commission plans.

Still have questions about sales attribution? Please reach out using the live chat bubble in the app

To make the most use of your attributed sales, create a commission plan to decide how employees get commissions for their sales.

Read the following to get started: How do I create a new commission plan?, How do I assign commissions plans to staff members?

If you have questions or need help setting up, don't hesitate to reach out. You can find the chat bubble in the bottom right corner ❤️

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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