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How do I print a schedule?

Printing schedules

🖨️ With EasyTeam you can print schedules for your employees. Get an easy-to-read weekly or monthly overview of all shifts

➡️ Go to the Schedule page.

You can optionally filter and sort your staff to only show shifts by specific job positions, or location.

➡️ Select the 'Weekly' view or the 'Monthly' view from the drop-down.

Toggle between weekly or monthly view on schedules

➡️ Click the Print button.

➡️ In the pop-up window, select the printer you want to use and click the Print button.
This step may vary depending on your device.

Both weekly and monthly schedules should fit well on a single sheet of paper. In case one of them does not fit, please select a larger paper size, e.g. A5 paper.

On some devices you can click 'Print to PDF' to download a PDF file with your calendar instead of sending it to a printer

If you have questions or need help setting up, don't hesitate to reach out. You can find the chat bubble in the bottom right corner ❤️

Updated on: 24/03/2024

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