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How do I export a timesheet report for a specific staff member?

Exporting a report for a specific staff member

➡️ Go to the Timesheets page.

➡️ On the top left, select your desired date range.

The system will automatically calculate the total hours worked and amount to be paid based on the date range you selected and the salary of each staff member.

➡️ Check the boxes next to the staff members you'd like to include in your report.

➡️ Click on the Export button.

➡️ Check the selected staff option.

➡️ Choose an export format:

🔘 Option 1: A Staff Member with Total Hours:
Selecting this option will generate a report that includes each staff member's Name, Total Hours worked, Wage, and Total Pay. This summary provides a simple overview of hours worked and earnings for payroll processing.

🔘 Option 2: A Shift of Each Staff Member:
This option is ideal if you need a detailed breakdown of a staff member's shifts. The report will include Staff Name, Shift Start and End Time, Hours worked, Location, and Amount for each shift. This detailed breakdown is perfect for analyzing staffing needs, verifying hours worked and checking for mistakes.

All times and dates are presented according to your device’s time zone settings.

➡️ After clicking on the Export Timesheets button, the CSV file with the report will automatically be downloaded to your device.

Read more about exporting at: How do I export a general timesheets report?

Need a specific format for your export? Reach out to our live support to get assistance

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Updated on: 24/03/2024

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