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How to manage, edit and delete checklists?

Editing a Checklist

Manage and edit your checklists to ensure your tasks are done in time. Keeping your checklists configuration up to date includes assigning the checklists to the correct locations and the correct staff members, configuring checklist recurrence, editing the tasks in the checklist, and more. Follow this guide for more details:

➡️ Go to the Checklists page.

This screen displays an overview of existing checklists and their statuses.

➡️ Click on the Manage Checklists button.

➡️ Find the checklist you want to edit and click on the edit checklist icon.

➡️ Update the checklist configuration as needed:

Title: Edit the name of the checklist.
Frequency: Checklists are configured to repeat on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can specify days of week or days of month.
Tasks: You can add new tasks or reorder existing ones by using drag-and-drop.
Permissions: Choose whether users with 'Staff' or 'Manager' permissions can work with this checklist.
Locations: The checklist will only be assigned to staff members in the selected locations.

Read more about these configuration options at How to create a checklist?

Changes made to checklist configuration options will immediately take effect in all reports. Reach out to our support team if you'd like to make sure no data is lost.

➡️ After making the necessary changes, click on the Save button to update the checklist.

Your checklist will now appear on the relevant days in the main Checklists screen.

Deleting a Checklist

➡️ Go to the Checklists page.

➡️ Click on the Manage Checklists button.

➡️ Click on the trash bin icon next to the checklist you want to delete.

➡️ Click either Delete checklist to proceed or Cancel to keep the checklist.

Let your staff members use checklists directly inside Shopify POS: How to access checklists using the Shopify POS app?

If you have questions or need help setting up, don't hesitate to reach out. You can find the chat bubble in the bottom right corner ❤️

Updated on: 25/03/2024

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