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How to create a checklist?

Creating checklists

In the fast-paced world of retail, store managers constantly look for ways to optimize store operations. Creating consistent checklists for your team will ensure your store works efficiently, from store openings to inventory management to store closings.

Creating a Checklist

➡️ Go to the Checklists page.
The main Checklists page allows you to see the completion status for all active checklists in a specific date. Only checklists that are relevant for the selected date are displayed.

➡️ Click on the Checklists button. This will allow you to manage the checklists for your store.

➡️ Click on the Create Checklist button and choose to start From scratch or Use a template for your new checklist.

EasyTeam has checklist templates for store openings, inventory management, store closings, and more. Feel free to edit these to match your needs.

➡️ Enter a Title for your checklist and, optionally, a Description.

➡️ Set the Frequency of the checklist to Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

🔘 Daily Checklists: Ideal for daily tasks such as opening or closing procedures.
🔘 Weekly Checklists: Useful for tasks that need completion on specific days of the week.
🔘 Monthly Checklists: Best suited for recurring tasks on specific days of the month, such as inventory count.

➡️ Specify the tasks in the checklists by adding them into the tasks section.
You can drag and drop tasks to to determine their order.

Type in the text of the task and press Enter ↲ to apply

➡️ Assign Permissions to determine what employees can access and complete the checklist.
The checklist will only show for staff members with the correct permissions.

Admins always have permissions to access and complete tasks in a checklist.

➡️ Select Locations where the checklist needs to be completed.
A checklist can be assigned to multiple locations and will be tracked separately on each of them.

➡️ Click Save.

Go back to the Checklists screen, select a relevant location and time. Your new checklist will now appear in the checklists view.

Let your staff members use checklists directly inside Shopify POS: How to access checklists using the Shopify POS app?

If you have questions or need help setting up, don't hesitate to reach out. You can find the chat bubble in the bottom right corner ❤️

Updated on: 24/03/2024

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