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EasyTeam Product Updates

This month, we're excited to announce the one of the largest product update of EasyTeam so far!

Significant enhancements and new features across the board will streamline your team collaboration experience.

Here's a detailed walk-through of our latest changes and features:

Use EasyTeam directly in Shopify Admin

Now, you can manage all aspects of your staff from the same place. Find timesheets, staff, schedule, commissions and checklists — all on your main Shopify admin area.

Add EasyTeam as an app in your Shopify Admin for easy access and get a hold of all your team operations without leaving Shopify's admin panel.

EasyTeam can now be accessed from your Shopify Admin area

This means, no need to switch between different windows, and no need to log in with a username and password. You're only one click away from your staff management tools.

Read more here: How to access EasyTeam for Shopify POS?

Need help getting started with any features in the new update? Schedule a free call with our onboarding manager.

Enhanced Timesheets

Robust Filtering

All timesheets and time tracking elements now support Shopify filtering and date selection. This will allow an intuitive way to sort, filter and search your data and quickly access the info you're looking for.

New export formats

Export employee timesheets in multiple formats. You can now easily download your data in the way that makes sense for you. Filter out and export only information about certain employees, employee types or locations.

You can now download a CSV file with a summary of employee hours or a fully detailed CSV with a breakdown of all shifts for each staff member. Read more at: How do I export a general timesheets report?

Shift location

You can now see the location of each shift in your reports. When an employee clocks in using the POS, mobile or desktop you can now segment and filter out only shifts that happened in a specific location. The location will also appear in other reports and exports.

Added shift start and end times

We've added an exact end time to each shift for both viewing and exporting. Previously, Timesheet reports only included the Start Time and Duration. Adding an End Time column not only facilitates data export to third-party apps but also enhances visibility into your shifts at a glance.

Better date and time selectors

The date range, date, and time selectors have received significant improvements. When selecting a date or time, you will now encounter the familiar Shopify built-in date selector. Overall, this enhancement greatly smooths out the user experience.

The date selectors are now pre-defined with the most common variations

Staff Management Improvements

Improved Staff Page

The main Staff page has been updated to display Shopify and non-Shopify employees in a more intuitive format. Now, you can easily see each employee's onboarding status—categorized as 'Not Active,' 'Active,' or 'Missing Information.' This improvement makes it simpler to determine whether any action is needed for your employees' onboarding. To finalize the status of all your employees, please follow the getting started guide.

4-6 Digit PIN Codes

With Shopify's introduction for longer 5 or 6 digit PIN codes, you can now match staff member PIN codes in EasyTeam with the longer Shopify PINs. This enables better support for larger teams and added security. To change employee PIN codes, see How to assign PIN codes to my staff?.

Schedules and Shift Management

Improved Schedules

The whole Schedules experience got a huge overhaul. We optimized both loading times and the time it takes to create a weekly or monthly schedule. We listened to feedback from our merchants and now support a variety of new features to make the Schedules module a breeze.

EasyTeam's brand new scheduling experience on the Shopify Admin

Monthly view

We now support a monthly calendar view, allowing you to see staff member and shifts in a bird's eye view.
The monthly view allows to easily edit, move and duplicate shifts. We added the option to print the monthly view to give your team an easy overview of shifts. Moreover, the monthly view shows shifts from multiple employees and locations in a clear, compact view and supports a variety of useful filters.

The Monthly view feature enables you to schedule your entire team for the whole month in one convenient place.

Better filtering

Schedules now feature robust and intuitive filtering, aligning with the functionality found on other screens. You can filter by location, employee, job position, or specific text, allowing for easy access to the relevant schedules. This update simplifies the management of large teams or stores across multiple locations.


You can now assign colors to shifts, allowing you to segment them by any category that makes sense for your business. Create or edit a shift, then optionally select a color from the drop-down menu.

Enhance schedule visibility by utilizing shift colors

Improved schedules experience on mobile

We improved the loading times and layout of the schedules experience on mobile. View and make changes to your schedules on the go with our new mobile view.

More intuitive 'Copy Schedules' feature

The 'Copy Schedules' feature has been enhanced for greater reliability and intuitiveness. By using the 'Copy Shifts' button, you can select specific shifts from a given week to copy, and choose when to duplicate them. This allows for easy replication of a week's shifts for some or all employees, enabling you to create comprehensive weekly or monthly schedules in just seconds.

You can now copy specific staff members for a quicker and more efficient scheduling experience

Quickly duplicate shifts

You can now duplicate shifts in the desktop view simply by holding the Shift key while dragging and dropping. This action will create a duplicate of the shift you're dragging to the new position. Try it out for yourself on the Schedules screen.

Total hours view

The Schedules screen now shows the total number of hours assigned to an employee. Use this to quickly see which employees are assigned more or less shifts on a given week and make sure your workload is split accordingly. Alongside the weekly hours, you'll now find an estimate of the salary for each employee on this week.

Commissions and Incentives

Automatic Sales Attribution

We're excited to announce the release of one of our most requested features. Sales processed through the Shopify POS platform are now automatically recorded under the staff member logged in at the time of the sale. This significant update eliminates the need for manually attributing sales to specific employees, reduces manual input time during checkout, and streamlines the overall checkout experience.

Automatic sales attribution is now enabled for all Shopify orders processed via your POS devices, provided EasyTeam is active. Sales will be automatically attributed in both your sales reports and under EasyTeam reports, where you can effortlessly assign a commission plan to your staff members directly within EasyTeam. For more information on setting up commission plans, read here: How do I create a new commission plan?

Streamlined commission plan creation

Creating a commission plan is now more intuitive and streamlined. We included better distinction between the different types of commissions and attribution structures. You can now create flat, percentage or tiered commissions plans, each one with its own set of unique parameters. Find the right commission plan structure that makes sense for your team.

Need help choosing the right commission plan or setting it up? Schedule a free onboarding call to get started.

New commission distribution scheme

We added new options to the tiered commission setting. You can now choose how to distribute commissions to your staff members:

Choose Multiple Rates to reward staff members with different tiers of commissions for each tier of sales goals. E.g. reward 1% commission for sales up to $1,000, and 5% commission on sales between $1,000-$2,000 etc.

Choose Uniform Rate to reward staff members based on the highest reward tier they reached, and apply this rate to the whole commission. Also called a 'retroactive rate'. E.g reward 1% on sales up to $1,000, and reward 5% on all sales after reaching more than $1,000 in sales.

The Commissions screen is now implemented directly in your Shopify dashboard, allowing you to use the built-in Shopify search and filter modules. Easily search between product commissions, commission reports and commission plans in a few clicks.

Large product catalogs

EasyTeam now supports large product catalogs, spanning thousands of collections, categories and individual products. Commission plans should now work better for large retailers and multi-store merchants. Set a commission plan for products on a category or on a per-product basis.

Manage staff members and commissions

You can now add or remove staff members to a commission plan directly from the commission plan details screen and from the staff details screen. This makes moving and removing staff members between different commission plans easier. Read more at: How do I assign commissions plans to staff members?

Pause, schedule and deactivate commission plans

We've introduced new capabilities allowing you to schedule, pause, and resume the effects of a commission plan. This enhancement facilitates the creation of special, time-limited incentive plans—for instance, exclusive commission plans for specific holidays. Now, you can customize commission plans to start and stop on precise dates, or even schedule future incentives and commission plans ahead of time. Utilize these new features to craft a commission plan that perfectly aligns with your business needs.

Strategically time your commission plans to align with holidays and temporary periods for optimal impact

Commission calculation with Discounts

For each commission plan, you can decide if you want to take product discounts into account or not. Configure the commission plans in a way that makes sense for your business with either the original price or the discounted price of the product.

Automatically add new products to commission plans

Choose this option on your commission plan to automatically add new products to this commission plan. This saves you on manual input whenever you add new products to your store.

Added support for custom orders

Choose this option on your commission plan to apply the commission for custom orders as well.

Remove an attributed sale

Store admins can now remove attributed commissions from an employee, to edit out wrongly attributed sales.

Commission tier visualization

We've rolled out a new feature that allows you to monitor the progress of your tiered/goal-based commissions. Now, you can view the advancement between the various tiers of your commission plan for each employee, as well as gain an overarching perspective on your entire team's progress across different tiers. Furthermore, when examining the commission reports for a specific day or time period, we've included milestones to clearly show which ones were achieved and when.
Goal-based commission plans have been made easier to read and understand

Working with Checklists


We added a large selection of Checklist Templates like 'Opening a Store' or 'Inventory Count'. Use these to get started quickly with checklists for your business. Easily edit the templates to make sure they work for your business.

Leverage templates to instantly create checklists for all your locations in just seconds, streamlining your operational efficiency.

Daily, weekly, monthly checklists

Added support for recurring daily, weekly and monthly checklists. Use these recurring checklists for operations that happen in your store, like stock refill, cleaning or opening a store. Choose days of the week or days of the month to apply your checklists. Moreover, you can now check the progress of completing your checklists per location, to make sure tasks are being completed on time.

Filter, search and view checklist progress

The checklists screen now shows all your checklists in one place with advanced filters. Get an overview of each location and its assigned checklists. See which employees and locations completed or missed tasks.

Get a real-time view of the checklist statuses across all your locations

Improved checklists experience on POS

The Checklists POS tile now displays the checklists that need to be completed today, based on the date the tile is accessed. Users can easily complete tasks directly within this tile. Meanwhile, Admins and Managers can immediately view the live status across all locations.

Improvements and Bug Fixes Across the Board

UI/UX improvements

Integrating EasyTeam directly into the Shopify Admin has led to significant User Experience and User Interface improvements. You'll now discover enhanced search and filtering capabilities across all screens, designed to match the tools you're already accustomed to within the Shopify Admin dashboard.

Furthermore, we've streamlined the process to get started with EasyTeam and to execute common tasks, minimizing the steps required. Our primary goal is to enable you to accomplish your tasks as efficiently as possible, regardless of whether you manage a single location or thousands.

Loading speed

We've enhanced our server infrastructure to significantly reduce load times, increase responsiveness, and boost the overall performance of EasyTeam. Furthermore, by leveraging the latest Shopify features, such as Shopify UI Extensions, we've optimized the loading and response times of both the EasyTeam dashboard and the EasyTeam POS Tiles.

We're proud to state that EasyTeam's tiles and POS Time Clock now stand as the fastest and most reliable solution available on Shopify.

Live support

Our support team is ready to answer your questions over live chat, email or phone. Reach out to us at any of these methods:

💬 Live chat: Find the chat bubble directly inside your EasyTeam app. We usually answer within minutes during business hours.

✉️ Email: supoprt@easyteam.com

📞 Phone: +1 213-214-3477 at 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time

🔧 Schedule a 1:1 call: Click here to schedule a call with one of our onboarding reps for free.

Updated on: 16/07/2024

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