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Add EasyTeam tiles to Shopify POS

EasyTeam provides you with the convenience of executing swift actions directly from your Point of Sale (POS). These actions, represented as POS tiles, include a time clock, schedules calendar, and store checklists.

How to add a tile to the POS dashboard

On the main screen of the Shopify POS, click on 'Add tile' > Apps > Staff Management - EasyTeam:

Select which tiles you'd like to add to your POS (Clock-In/out, View/Edit Schedules, Store Checklists):

Congratulations! Your new tile will now be visible on your dashboard, enabling you and your team to carry out quick actions such as clocking-in directly from the POS.

If the 'Add tile' option is not visible on your POS, request the store's admin to grant you "POS Customization" permissions via the Shopify Admin.

Updated on: 27/07/2023

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