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Add EasyTeam tiles to Shopify POS

Adding EasyTeam Tiles to your Shopify POS

EasyTeam works seamlessly with your Shopify POS devices, tablets, mobile and Shopify Go devices.

Method 1: Add the Time Clock tile from the Shopify Admin.

To add the time clock tile directly from the Shopify Admin area, and ensure it appears on all your POS devices, follow these steps:

➡️ Go to the Shopify Admin.

➡️ On the main menu, click on Point of Sale and then go to Settings, or, click here.

EasyTeam can be found in the Shopify Admin dashboard

➡️ Click 'POS apps' and select EasyTeam.

Access a list of all installed POS apps

➡️ Click 'add to all'

Easily add the Time Clock tile to all Shopify POS devices

After a few minutes, the EasyTeam Time Clock tile should now be visible on all POS devices in your store.

Method 2: Add the Schedules, Checklists, Timesheets and Commissions tiles from the POS device.

To add the other EasyTeam tiles from the POS device itself, follow these steps for each POS and mobile device you'd like to use:

Follow these steps for each POS device and mobile device you'd like to use:

➡️ On the main Shopify POS screen, tap Add tile.

Add EasyTeam Tiles from the Shopify POS menu

If the 'Add tile' option is not visible on your POS, you may not have the necessary 'POS Customization' permissions. Please request the store owner to grant you this permission through the Shopify Admin.

➡️ Click on App > Staff Management - EasyTeam:

Choose EasyTeam POS Tiles from the 'app' menu

➡️ Select which tiles you'd like to add to your POS (Clock-In/out, View/Edit Schedules, Store Checklists, and more):

Choose the tiles you need: Scheduling, Checklists, Commissions, Time Clock and more

Your new tile should now appear on the main Shopify POS screen, enabling you and your team to easily manage time clocks, timesheets, schedules, and more!

If you have questions or need help setting up, don't hesitate to reach out. You can find the chat bubble in the bottom right corner ❤️

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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