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Adding Staff Members

Learn how to add a single profile, import your Staff from Shopify, or share a link so they can self-register.

Once you have your account created, you'll need to add your employees so you can schedule them, track their time and calculate their payroll.

On EasyTeam, go to the Staff page, and click on Add New Staff.

There are three options for adding employees.

1. Adding employees from your Shopify account

EasyTeam connects to your Shopify store, so you can easily import your staff.

Once the Pop-Up appears, under the title 'Add directly from my Shopify store', select the staff you'd like to add to EasyTeam.

Once you selected all of your staff, they will appear on the right side, under the Added Staff section:

Once done, click on Send Invitations.

An email will be sent to your staff in case they would like to register to EasyTeam. With that being said, they don't need to register in order to clock-in/out, or use EasyTeam's features from the Shopify POS. Once you add their PIN code, they're all set.

2. Adding employees outside of Shopify

Some employees are not on the frontline or part of your store's team. EasyTeam allows you to add employees outside of Shopify, so they will also be able to clock in and out without the Shopify POS.

Under the title 'Add Non-Shopify Staff', enter their full names and emails:

Once done, click on Add to EasyTeam. This will add them to the Added Staff section. Once you add all of your staff (from Shopify, or outside of Shopify) - click on Send Invitations.

3. Share a link to let employes self-register

If you have a large staff or want to make adding employees easier on yourself, you can share a link to let them create their own profiles.

Your unique link will connect them to your account and give you an opportunity to screen join requests so you can weed out any unauthorized profiles.

Under the 3rd title, click on the Copy icon, and send the URL to your staff members:

Once an employee registers using a link, you'll be able to confirm him from the Staff page.

Still have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us using our live-chat, at the bottom right corner 🙂

Updated on: 21/11/2021

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